Cellular automata music tutorial


by: gentlejunk on: 20/09/2007
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Tutorial how to run your cellular automata music machine. Python script for CA written by Lesh, audio, video and editing by GentleJunk.
CA album for download @ http://gentlejunk.net/audio.
Download zipped package with scripts here www.uke.hr/cellular.zip.
A cellular automaton is a group of cells that evolves only by nearest neighbor interaction. They are thought to be able to represent the evolution of living organisms and minerals. It is usually assumed that every cell in the universe starts in the same state, except for a finite number of cells in other states, often called a configuration. More generally, it is sometimes assumed that the universe starts out covered with a periodic pattern, and only a finite number of cells violate that pattern. The latter assumption is common in one-dimensional cellular automata.

This is an example of generative art or more correctly, generative music.

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GentleJunk labaratory

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